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Course Content

Course syllabus is shown on the back of the certificate.
Course content conforms to the HSE First Aid At Work regulations for FAW and EFAW, and OFSTED guidance for Paediatric First Aid. Guidelines from ERC are followed for CPR and resuscitation protocols. Outdoor First Aid is benchmarked to IOL standards and discipline specific content tailored to the main outdoor NGB requirements. Information from organisations like RLSS and MRC are used to guide protocols for outdoor first aid good practice. 

First Aid and the HSE

HSE cannot tell an employer what provision they should make for first aid. This is the responsibility of the employer, who is best-placed to understand the nature of the workplace and decide what needs to be provided. So the employer needs to decide the number and level of training of first aiders required in their workplace, and the first aid equipment which is needed (there is no mandatory list of first aid kit contents).

To make these decisions, the employer must carry out a ‘First Aid Needs Assessment’. 

First Aid Needs Assessment

In the workplace, first aid provision must be ‘adequate and appropriate in the circumstances’, meaning that an employer must provide sufficient first aid equipment/kit, facilities and personnel at all times.

This will take into consideration:
the nature of the work carried out
specific workplace hazards and risks
the nature and size of the workforce, the work patterns of the staff
covering the needs of staff during absences
the accident history of the organisation
the needs of travelling or remote workers
the distribution of the workforce
the remoteness of sites and distance from emergency medical services
medical provision for members of the public (ie. not employees).


First Aid courses across South Cumbria and the Lake District.